Texans remain the favorites to employ Deshaun Watson in 2021

The oddsmakers see the Seahawks as the strong favorites to keep quarterback Russell Wilson. The oddsmakers have the Texans as the favorites to keep quarterback Deshaun Watson, but the numbers aren’t nearly as strong.

The Texans, via PointsBet, are +250 to be the team with which Watson takes his next snap. That means a $100 wager will win $250 if the Texans keep Watson.

Frankly, that seems too high. By all indications, Watson means what he has said, even if it’s only been said privately. Watson isn’t playing for the Texans again, and no one has reported otherwise. Thus, if it’s a bluff, it’s a very good one.

The Panthers are just behind the Texans, at +300. Then come the Broncos at +400, the Dolphins and 49ers at +700, the Jets at +800, and the Bears at +900.

Of the 22 teams listed, the Packers are the longshot at +15000. As with the Russell Wilson longshot (the Chiefs) those odds are just too high.

Not listed at all are the Cardinals. With a one-way pipeline emerging between Houston and Phoenix, however, it’s fascinating to ponder a Deshaun for Kyler Murray trade — a move that would be the most significant quarterback-for-quarterback deal since the Houston Oilers sent Dan Pastorini to the Raiders for Kenny Stabler, if not even more significant.

It’s far more realistic to see Watson end up with a team like the Dolphins, since Miami has the ammunition to make a deal, thanks in part to the Miami holding (among other things) Houston’s first-round pick in the 2021 draft, which also happens to be the third overall pick.